How we do it


A high quality market research consultancy, determined to deliver the insights that matter

At Acuity Research & Insights, we offer:

  • best practice research solutions with strong attention to the details; and we have a reputation for the quality and accuracy of our data and reporting deliverables.
  • in-depth experience across key services industries (financial services, travel and tourism, telecommunications, automotive); in the B2B, NFP and peak industry group sectors; and with corporate and shareholder communications.
  • experience in communicating at the Board and C-Suite level, and an understanding of the need for concise, actionable insights, and presentations with relevance and cut-through.
  • no tricks, gimmicks or standardised tools – we simply offer superior senior thinking and best practice solutions.

We custom design every research solution in order to best meet the needs of our clients, their consumers, and the information needs of a particular project. Our offering is diverse and includes:

 Qualitative research:

  • Standard, mini and affinity focus groups
  • One on one consumer discussions (in-depth interviews), dyads or triads – central location venue, online or in-situ
  • Stakeholder or B2B interviews
  • Community, shareholder/investor consultations
  • Observation and ethnographic style studies
  • Online forums, communities, and interviews

 Quantitative research:

  • CATI (telephone), online, self-completion or face-to-face data collection methodologies
  • Advanced quantitative analysis and analytics; driver analysis modelling, market segmentations, etc.
  • Long term tracking studies as well as ad-hoc data projects
  • Desk research and information reviews

Reporting & Results:

  • Face-to-face presentations, to internal stakeholders, board & C-Suite, company investors, or staff
  • Concise, bespoke PowerPoint reporting
  • Written reports and strategic overviews
  • Bringing research and consumers to life through film, workshops, meet and greets, or “walk in their shoes” experiences
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